Low to Medium Electrical

Relied upon for professional cost-effective electrical, refrigeration and grey water recycling services by Engineers, Developers, Contractors and Homeowners for the past 10 years in the Cape Town area.

Our services range from large contractors with several large engineering companies relying on our credibility and professional approach. We also perform ongoing maintenance for a number of clients in a variety of sectors, for whom electricity is mission critical.


Low to Medium Electrical seeks to remedy some unconducive conditions and rehabilitate our way of thinking...

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Our Mission

Low to Medium Electrical is a small enterprise that was conceived from the challenges faced by my small community and as a country at large. Over the past couple of years, we have experienced changes in our country and more noticeably in our electrical power lines and our dams due to the rise in the country’s population, instability of the economy and lack of accountability.

Low to Medium Electrical seeks to remedy some of these unconducive conditions and rehabilitate our way of thinking and doing things through education knowledge obtained through years of experience gained in various fields.

Goals and Objectives

Our goal is not only to create jobs and awareness through education but to transfer skills that are critical to our challenges and contribute to the development of our economy and building sustainable communities by restoring dignity and independence.  We aspire to leave behind a legacy that will create a generation that will be the solution to every problem we face.

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