Low to Medium Electrical

Low to Medium Electrical is a newly registered enterprise that has existed for more than five years without any funding and as such has remained undeveloped. Low to Medium Electrical is made up of like-minded intellectuals with a broad understanding in the field of engineering. And our profound understanding has compelled us to critically examine our roles in the community at a personal and as a consortium.

Low to Medium Electrical has done extensive work in and around the community for many years, including but not limited to: electrical installation, electrical infrastructure maintenance, electrical repairs, refrigeration repairs and more recently, grey water recycling installation, rain water harvesting and in the near future solar water heating system.


Water shortage and power failure affects us all.

Our Services

Electrical Services

Fixing all home wiring problems, fault-finding, fuse boards repairs/installations, electrical testing/inspections, repairing circuit breakers/boxes, certificate of compliance, fixing plugs, lights installation, service upgrade and ceiling fan & more.

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Refrigeration Services

Domestic and commercial refrigeration repairs, installation and repairs on air conditioners, cold rooms, ice machines, upright freezers, upright chillers, display fridges, under counter bar fridges & more.

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Grey Water Recycling & Rain Water Harvesting

With proper treatment grey water can be put to good use. These uses include water for laundry and toilet flushing, and also irrigation of plants.

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